An Ode to “GLOW”

There are some more trivial things that we’ve lost like brunch, going to the cinema, travelling, concerts, just being in others’ presence. Films we’ve been dying to see have been pushed back or shelved. Shows we love have been postponed or cancelled. The world is hard. And it has become increasingly difficult after seven months of quarantining – if you’re being good – to find something to bring me joy. One thing that always brought me joy was the Netflix show, “GLOW.” Continue reading An Ode to “GLOW”

Now is the Time to Watch “GLOW”

It is a show run by women, about women, and about women using their bodies not for the benefit of men but for the benefit of themselves. As someone who has been inundated with images of how a woman should look and can’t look, it is powerful see a group of women who show that there is no wrong way to look or be or exist.  That every woman has strength in her. Continue reading Now is the Time to Watch “GLOW”

Review: Her Smell

The music drama, and the excess of the rockstar lifestyle, has been pretty well captured on film over the decades, so how does a filmmaker now tell a story of someone living that life without retreading old ground?

Director and writer Alex Ross Perry’s “Her Smell” doesn’t seem to have much in the way of bold new ideas on that front sadly, instead he goes for big performances and some pretty interesting narrative framing to compensate. “Her Smell” is a tale of a front-woman of a ‘90s punk three-piece at the very cusp of breaking apart, who is not only clinging on to relevance against her band’s dwindling fortunes, but is also juggling the pressures and responsibilities of real life outside of the ephemeral madness of the rockstar persona. Continue reading Review: Her Smell