Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Review: Mark, Mary & Some Other People

Although open relationships aren’t something new and have been a part of romantic connections for decades going under different names (swinging, friends with benefits, non-monogamous), there aren’t that many films that openly explore them. That’s what makes “Mark, Mary & Some Other People” have an instantly unique premise as it delves into the titular young couple, Mark (Ben Rosenfield) and Mary (Hayley Law), exploring the possibility of having an open relationship. Mark and Mary are the definition of falling in love fast and having those instant sparks that instantly connect them. Their fast-paced relationship leads them to getting married at a young age and eventually makes Mary question the idea of making their relationship open. Continue reading Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Review: Mark, Mary & Some Other People

Exclusive Interview: Benjamin Kasulke, Director of Banana Split

“Banana Split” is the directorial debut film from director Benjamin Kasulke, with a screenplay written by the film’s main star Hannah Marks and Joey Power. The film follows April (Marks) who has spent the last two years of high school in a relationship with Nick (Dylan Sprouse), from the first frantic make-out session to final tear-stained breakup. In the aimless summer between graduation and college, the newly single April mends her heartbreak by striking up an unexpected friendship with an unlikely candidate: Nick’s new girlfriend, Clara (Liana Liberato).

Our writer Mique Watson jumped at the chance to speak to Benjamin regarding the film after reviewing the film for ITOL.  Below, we hear from Benjamin about how he became involved in the project, what drew him to this story and these characters, and his transition from the role of cinematographer to the director’s chair. Continue reading Exclusive Interview: Benjamin Kasulke, Director of Banana Split

Review: Banana Split

“Wait, which Sprouse is this?” I asked myself as “Banana Split” began. The Sprouse in question here is Dylan–brother of Cole Sprouse (as seen on Netflix’s Riverdale); one of two twins who’ve left their Disney days behind. The Sprouse brother here plays Nick, yer typical high school beach blonde with long hair and a toned physique. This tale begins with him and his best friend, April (Hannah Marks); they instantaneously mutually decide to take their friendship to the next level. Within the film’s first two minutes, you see it all: their first date, their first fight, the first time they have sex (if seeing Zack Martin of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” in a sex scene served as a reminder of how old you’ve gotten: welcome to the club, I’m here for you), and their eventual breakup. Continue reading Review: Banana Split