Martyrs Lane Review

supernatural horror flick. Like “The Babadook” and “Hereditary”, Ruth Platt’s latest film, “Martyrs Lane” also explores the themes of grief and loss. Released via Shudder, this supernatural film is very much like a macabre fairy-tale for adults, with the main premise being a young girl becoming friends with a ghostly child who sends her on a treasure hunt to discover her true identity. This is the third film from actress-turned-director Ruth Platt (following the 2015 horror “The Lesson” and the 2019 comedy-drama “Black Forest”) is based on a short film, also titled “Martyrs Lane”. With her latest feature film, Platt demonstrates that she has adapted to the role of director quite easily and that she is very capable of being in the director’s chair. Continue reading Martyrs Lane Review

Review: Carmilla

There are times where you attend film festivals and enter a screening totally unprepared for the film that you end up watching. Only to stumble onto an absolute masterpiece. This was the case for Emily Harris’ “Carmilla”, a film that took my breath away and left me awestruck by what I had seen on the big screen.

“Carmilla” has been criminally overlooked by many critics, which is a crying shame. It is a film that is so beautiful to look at that, you wonder whether you have become hypnotized by the small spell that the film’s main character succumbs to. Continue reading Review: Carmilla