Exclusive Interview With Hermione Corfield, Actress From “Sea Fever”

One of the best thrillers we’ve seen this year has been “Sea Fever”, which took us by surprise in terms of how timely the film’s subject matter is and a superb performance by the film’s leading actress Hermione Corfield. You may recognise the name, Corfield has been popping up in all sorts of films from the likes of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” (2015) to “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” (2017). She is an actor who knows her stuff, studying English literature at UCL and a method acting course at Lee Strasberg in New York. Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Hermione Corfield, Actress From “Sea Fever”

Review: Sea Fever

It’s highly contagious. Anyone could have it. It starts with a high fever. There isn’t a known cure. It threatens mankind as we know it. You may be inclined to believe that what I am describing relates to the COVID-19 outbreak, but I am actually describing the condition that takes place in Neasa Hardiman’s debut feature film, “Sea Fever”. The film follows the crew of a fishing trawler who succumb to a strange infection, their only hope is the apathetic and analytical-minded marine-biology student Siobhán, played by the memorizing Hermione Corfield. This timely well-crafted science-fiction thriller is definitely one to seek out for Corfield’s powerhouse performance alone. It’s also a riveting story which builds on tension and suspense, proving that genre storytelling is very much alive and kicking. Continue reading Review: Sea Fever