Exclusive Interview with Angela How, Director of “Bullied”

After watching Angela How’s hard-hitting and very real drama/thriller “Bullied” I was very keen to speak to her about the development of the film and her inspiration behind it. As a child I was subjected to bullying at school and it did have a significant impact on my overall perception of myself and my confidence. I found myself really relating to the character of Charlotte (played by the brilliant Jacinta Klassen) and I wasn’t quite aware of how much the film had impacted me until afterwards when I was coming up with the questions for How. There’s such a rawness and sense of realism, that this story could have only come from someone who had lived through the effects of bullying. In this interview below, How discusses her inspiration behind the picture, the struggles of casting and the female filmmakers who influenced her as well as her next upcoming project which sounds fascinating. Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Angela How, Director of “Bullied”

Review: Finding Ophelia

How often do we sacrifice too much of ourselves in chasing a dream? An ideal form or figure, a person or concept. And how much is too much to give in pursuit of this? And what could be worse than losing your grasp of reality chasing figures, than realising that this manifestation of perfection may be genuine – if nightmarish. William Edgar forges a path like one many of us will recognise, chasing down an obsession, a woman, at the cost of the reality and loved ones surrounding him. Continue reading Review: Finding Ophelia

Sundance Review: “Jockey”

Year: 2021Runtime: 94 minutesDirector: Clint BentleyWriter: Clint Bentley, Greg KwedarStars: Clifton Collins Jr., Moises Arias, Molly Parker By Morgan Roberts The world of horse racing is explored in Clint Bentley‘s “Jockey” (2021). Jackson (Clifton Collins Jr.) is an aging jockey, eager to experience one last glorious lap before his ailing body finally gives in to the years of injury and chronic pain. Jackson works with … Continue reading Sundance Review: “Jockey”

First Look, New UK Horror Film: Rose- A Love Story

Looking for a new horror flick in time for Halloween? Well, look no further. Recently, the new poster and trailer for the U.K. independent horror film “Rose – A Love Story” was released, ahead of celebrating its World Premiere at the 2020 BFI London Film Festival on 13th October as part of the CULT strand. Continue reading First Look, New UK Horror Film: Rose- A Love Story

Exclusive Interview with Georgia Hurt and Sian Astor-Lewis Regarding “To Nowhere”

“To Nowhere” is a micro-budget film that focuses on telling a queer love story and exploring gender identity. It’s currently in its final stages of post-production but the filmmakers need your help to raise the funds necessary to finish this project. ITOL editor, Bianca Garner, sat down with producer Georgia Hurt and director Sian Astor-Lewis to discuss the film in more depth, from its inception to the challenges they faced making a film on such a small budget. Most importantly, we discuss how you can show your support for this project and help to promote new and emerging talent in the indie filmmaking scene. Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Georgia Hurt and Sian Astor-Lewis Regarding “To Nowhere”

GFF Exclusive Review: James vs. His Future Self

Year: 2019 Runtime: 94 Minutes Director: Jeremy LaLonde Writers: Jonas Chernick, Jeremy LaLonde Stars: Jonas Chernick, Daniel Stern, Cleopatra Coleman By Calum Cooper Time travel is a concept heavily exploited in storytelling. Often with cinema it is used for sci-fi or even action – think “Back to the Future” (1985) or “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014). Canadian duo Jeremy Lalonde and Jonas Chernick however use the … Continue reading GFF Exclusive Review: James vs. His Future Self