Review: Ultrasound

Year: 2021 Runtime: 103 minutes Director: Rob Schroeder Writer: Conor Stechschulte Stars: Vincent Kartheiser, Chelsea Lopez, Breeda Wool, Tunde Adepimpe, Rainey Qualley, Bob Stephenson By Caelyn O’Reilly “Ultrasound”(2021) is a film that seems to be pitching itself as cerebral or head-trippy, compared in review quotes in its trailer to “Memento”(2000) and “Primer”(2004). It’s clear from the outset that the creators are indeed attempting to create … Continue reading Review: Ultrasound

Exclusive Interview With Clayton Scott, Director of “Below the Fold”

Ask any inspiring filmmaker out there about the difficulties of making their first feature film and they’ll be able to reel off a dozen difficult encounters and challenges that they had to face. However, Clayton Scott’s experiences and struggles filming the tense crime thriller “Below the Fold” are something special. Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Clayton Scott, Director of “Below the Fold”

The Aviary Review

We’re in the middle of nowhere with two women who seem to be fleeing somewhere and someone, as quickly as possible. The two women seem to know each other but they’re not particularly close. It’s as if their fates have been entwined because of their circumstances. The older of the two, Jillian (Malin Akerman) has a sense of authority to her. She’s clearly the one who has planned their escape, and is the most prepared and experienced for their journey in the barren landscape of the New Mexico desert. Blair (Lorenzo Izzo) on the other hand, is relying heavily on Jillian, placing all of her trust into the other woman. Quickly, we discover the reason for their night-time flight, they’re fleeing a cult known as “Skylight” which is run by the mysterious and ominous, Seth (Chris Messina). Continue reading The Aviary Review

Review: “I’m Not in Love”

Love is a complicated thing, especially in this day and age. There seems to be more and more pressure on people nowadays to climb up the corporate career ladder, then climb the property ladder whilst juggling the stresses of finding true love and settling down to start a family. In your typical Hollywood film, it all looks so simple. In reality, things are never that simple. Col Spector’s latest film, “I’m Not in Love” brilliantly captures the reality that is modern love, and is a really great movie to watch this Valentine’s Day if you’re seeking something that is an anti rom-com. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the final film in a trilogy of films about men and their relationship with women, so if you’re a fan of “I’m Not in Love” then it may be worth seeking out Spector’s other films.  Continue reading Review: “I’m Not in Love”

Film Review: Son of Monarchs

Year: 2020 Runtime: 97 minutes Director: Alexis Gambis Writer: Alexis Gambis Actors: Tenoch Huerta, Noe Hernandez, Alexia Rasmussen, William Mapother By Tom Moore Outside of filmmaking, writer/director Alexis Gambis also works as a biologist and his newest film, “Son of Monarchs”(2021), brings these two worlds together in a personal story about facing past trauma. The film follows a Mexican biologist living in America named Mendel … Continue reading Film Review: Son of Monarchs

Review: Finding Ophelia

How often do we sacrifice too much of ourselves in chasing a dream? An ideal form or figure, a person or concept. And how much is too much to give in pursuit of this? And what could be worse than losing your grasp of reality chasing figures, than realising that this manifestation of perfection may be genuine – if nightmarish. William Edgar forges a path like one many of us will recognise, chasing down an obsession, a woman, at the cost of the reality and loved ones surrounding him. Continue reading Review: Finding Ophelia

Review: Before/During/After

Year: 2021 Runtime: 83 minutes Directors: Stephen Kunken and Jack Lewars Writer: Finnerty Steeves Stars: Finnerty Steeves, Jeremy Davidson By Nicole Ackman Stories about relationships falling apart can often be much more interesting than those about two people getting together. Looking at how a couple can attempt to make things work and ultimately fail often allows for more nuance than a more straightforward romance film … Continue reading Review: Before/During/After

Sundance Review: “Passing”

Based on the 1929 novella of the same name, “Passing” (2021) is a look at racial identity, gender, sexuality, and class. The film follows childhood friends Irene (Tessa Thompson) and Clare (Ruth Negga) who reconnect later in life. Irene lives her life as a Black woman and passes as white from time to time for convenience. Clare, however, has chosen live life as a white woman, likely continuing to do so due to her husband John’s (Alexander Skarsgård) racist viewpoint. Hence, the title “Passing.” Continue reading Sundance Review: “Passing”