Blue Jean (2022) – Review

Film critic Calum Cooper reviews Georgia Oakley’s directorial debut “Blue Jean”, a triumphant Indie film that is quietly scathing of prejudice, and proudly celebrant of the LGBTQ+ community. Continue reading Blue Jean (2022) – Review

Review: Spinster

In “Spinster” (2020), Chelsea Peretti takes the leading role in a not-so-romantic comedy for the first time. Known for her role as Gina Linetti on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and her stand-up special “One of the Greats”, Peretti’s comedic delivery and deadpan tone are her trademarks. She shows an emotional depth paired with her classic comedic performance in “Spinster,” carrying the charming film from start to finish.  Continue reading Review: Spinster

Review: The Sound of the Wind

At the age of just 26 years old Jared Douglas has already proven that he is well-versed in the language of film. I believe that “The Sound of the Wind” is a passion project for Douglas, and it is very clear that he has done a great deal of research into mental illness and is committed to portraying it in a realistic depiction. I honestly wish that all those involved in “The Sound of the Wind ” go on to pursue long, rewarding careers in filmmaking because they deserve to. Continue reading Review: The Sound of the Wind

Interview with Jeremy Lalonde & Jonas Chernick on “James vs. His Future Self”

Jonas Chernick and Jeremy Lalonde are a prolific duo in their native Canada. Both between them, and together, they have created various raunchy comedies that have proven both humorous, and popular among many demographics, winning several comedy and festival awards in the process.

Their most recent collaboration – “James vs. His Future Self” (2020) – is now available on SkyTV as of this week. It is a hilarious, and quietly sentimental, tale on human growth, with a unique spin on the common time travel trope. It premiered in Britain during the Glasgow Film Festival, where Calum Cooper sat down with the actor and director to discuss their latest project. Continue reading Interview with Jeremy Lalonde & Jonas Chernick on “James vs. His Future Self”

Review: Sea Fever

It’s highly contagious. Anyone could have it. It starts with a high fever. There isn’t a known cure. It threatens mankind as we know it. You may be inclined to believe that what I am describing relates to the COVID-19 outbreak, but I am actually describing the condition that takes place in Neasa Hardiman’s debut feature film, “Sea Fever”. The film follows the crew of a fishing trawler who succumb to a strange infection, their only hope is the apathetic and analytical-minded marine-biology student Siobhán, played by the memorizing Hermione Corfield. This timely well-crafted science-fiction thriller is definitely one to seek out for Corfield’s powerhouse performance alone. It’s also a riveting story which builds on tension and suspense, proving that genre storytelling is very much alive and kicking. Continue reading Review: Sea Fever

SXSW Exclusive Review: The Carnivores

Writer/director Caleb Johnson’s sophomore effort, “The Carnivores”, has a lot of strong intrigue, allure, and character to entrance viewers into its strange story of how man’s best friend is dividing a couple and making one of them oddly obsessed with raw meat.

The film follows Alice (Tallie Medel) and Brett (Lindsay Burdge) as they are divided by Brett’s dog Harvie as his illness is causing him to slowly die. Although Brett wants to spend every last second with him since she feels she has so much history with him, Alice feels like he’s ruining everything. With Brett pretty much being obsessed with Harvie, Alice is starting to feel left out and it’s causing a major rift in their intimacy and love for one another. However, after Alice’s sleepwalking and her issues with Harvie come to a head, Harvie goes missing and the two women begin to uncover strange, beautiful, and even horrifying parts of one another. Continue reading SXSW Exclusive Review: The Carnivores

GFF Exclusive Review: James vs. His Future Self

Year: 2019 Runtime: 94 Minutes Director: Jeremy LaLonde Writers: Jonas Chernick, Jeremy LaLonde Stars: Jonas Chernick, Daniel Stern, Cleopatra Coleman By Calum Cooper Time travel is a concept heavily exploited in storytelling. Often with cinema it is used for sci-fi or even action – think “Back to the Future” (1985) or “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014). Canadian duo Jeremy Lalonde and Jonas Chernick however use the … Continue reading GFF Exclusive Review: James vs. His Future Self

Black History Month Tribute: “Fruitvale Station” Review

It is sadly not an uncommon story. Especially in the United States. “Unarmed Black Man Killed by Police.” Trayvon Martin. Eric Garner. Philandro Castile. Michael Brown. Ryan Coogler’s directorial debut, “Fruitvale Station” (2013) took an intimate look at the life and murder of one young man named Oscar Grant III.

The film starts with actual cell phone footage from the train platform minutes into the new year. You see the bystanders calling out police for accosting a group of men, Grant among them. There’s a scuffle. And a bang. Continue reading Black History Month Tribute: “Fruitvale Station” Review

Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker Victoria Muldoon

We recently got the chance to watch Victoria Muldon’s short film “My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence” which was the funniest short film we have come across in a while and had us laughing from start to finish. And, we are delighted to bring you our interview with Victoria regarding her film and how she developed the story and the film’s production. We would like to offer our thanks to Victoria for taking the time to talk to us. Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker Victoria Muldoon