We Need to Talk About the Gay Stuff in IT: Chapter Two

“IT: Chapter Two” (2019) has been talked about a lot since its still fairly recent release, and the internet has already gone through multiple modes of discourse on its queer representation. The first consisted of people posting extremely necessary content warnings for the film’s opening scene, which features a violent homophobic hate crime. The second occurred when many people took to Twitter to mock a recent Out article which labeled the character of Pennywise “homophobic".

Reflecting on IT Chapter 2: In Defense of Beverly Marsh

Stephen King’s “It” series is arguably one of the most compelling horror series. What separates the “It” series from not only other Stephen King stories, but other horror franchises overall, is the fact that “It’s” scariest moments do not derive from its signature killer clown. Rather, they come from the realities of human nature, and through the exploitation of trauma. Arguably, “It” does this best through the eyes of Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain as adult Beverly, Sophia Lillis as young Beverly).


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