Pause and Reflect: Why I am Glad I Gave “The Souvenir” a Rewatch

Sometimes, we simply need to pause and reflect on a film, and if you can’t stop thinking of it then it’s worth returning to it. I’m not sure whether I want to see any of Hogg’s other films, or even see “The Souvenir Part II” but I do know that I am grateful that I gave “The Souvenir” another chance. 

ITOL Top 50 Films of the Decade, Entry No. 27: The Souvenir

Writer and director Joanna Hogg has always been known for her mysterious, creative and thoughtful films, but “The Souvenir” (2019) is her best yet. A tender tale of young love, it is Hogg’s most personal film to date, based on her own experiences at film school and dating an older, secretive and troubled man. You can feel this personal touch throughout, in the gentle yet unflinching way Hogg’s camera follows Honor Swinton Byrne’s Julie, the young woman at the centre of this story.

The Women Of The 2019 British Independent Film Awards

On 30th October the nominations for the 2019 British Independent Film Awards were announced. In total 38 British feature films were nominated and the results will be announced on Sunday 1st December in a ceremony hosted by Aisling Bea. 40% of the nominations were for women and 60% for men - if you count a nomination for a film as a nomination for the director.

Retrospective Review: Archipelago

By Caz Armstrong With the recent release of Joanna Hogg's critically acclaimed film "The Souvenir", I have decided to return to Hogg's previous film, "Archipelago" (2010). The film follows Edward (Tom Hiddleston) and Cynthia (Lydia Leonard) who join their mother for a strained family holiday in the Isles of Scilly. The two things to struck... Continue Reading →

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