In Their Own League Advent Calendar: 22. Meet Me in St. Louis

By Morgan Roberts “Meet Me in St. Louis” (1944) is not strictly a Christmas film, but it does leave an everlasting imprint on the holiday. “Meet Me in St. Louis” has always been a Christmas Eve staple in my household.  We very much live our own version of “The Family Stone.”  The film holds so much nostalgia.  It does not hurt that the absolutely divine … Continue reading In Their Own League Advent Calendar: 22. Meet Me in St. Louis

Retrospective Review: Summer Stock

When the world makes you feel like a damp, drizzly November in your soul, what you need is a movie musical to “chase all your cares away.” Light on plot but heavy on dancing rhythms, “Summer Stock” (1950) brings the sunshine with the last joyful partnering of Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. With a little help from the comedic timing of the wonderful Phil Silvers and Marjorie Main who was a star in her own right from the “Ma and Pa Kettle” series of films, “Summer Stock” is a breezy, fun way to spend a sultry evening. Continue reading Retrospective Review: Summer Stock


While the focus of this movie is of course Judy Garland and primarily the last year of her life, “JUDY” opens with a behind the scenes look of with a young Judy Garland (Darci Shaw) being berated by her publicist/handler and MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer. Not allowed to eat, not allowed to have friends, working 18 hour days and most notably, the start of her pill addiction that would eventually take her life. Continue reading Review: “JUDY” (2019) ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS