Sex and Living- Death in Thirst

2019 was the year that Andrew Scott’s Hot Priest seized the zeitgeist with full gusto. The Fleabag character had people all over the world fanning themselves to avoid a case of the vapours, with his actual name remaining a mystery. He was merely the latest - one of the most libidinously triumphant – in a line of on-screen hot priests. Others include Father Brian Finn in “Keeping the Faith”, Father Grandier in “The Devils”, Father Andrew Kiernan in “Stigmata”, Reverend Adam Smallbone in “Rev” and, perhaps most obviously, Friar Fuck in “Sex and the City”. One of the finest men of the faith was given to us by Park Chan-wook in his 2009 vampire romantic-horror, “Thirst”.

Why “Lady Vengeance” is the Film 2019 Needs

At time of this article’s writing, a huge discussion is taking place online, about where or not Todd Phillips’ “Joker” is, to borrow an overused phrase, the film we need right now. Some who have seen the movie, and some who have not, assert that “Joker” is a rallying screed for the far-right nutters who are shooting innocent Americans at an alarming rate. And it’s a fair question to raise about any film – how does this piece of art fit in with, or even inform, our social / political climate? With that in mind, the 2005 masterpiece “Lady Vengeance” is very much the film we need right now.

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