Review: Inheritance

There’s a moment in “Inheritance” when Lauren (Lily Collins) is required to lie on the spot. She plays a lawyer here (a DA, to be more specific); she is quick on her feet and unflappable…to a point. In this specific scene, she has called 911–suddenly, she changes her mind and says: “one of my kids was playing with my phone, it won’t happen again”. It is a seemingly inconsequential scene–however, the more I thought about it, the more dangerous its implications appeared to be.

Lawyers double as, Inheritance seems to suggest, trained actors. This is a high-octane thriller, first and foremost, but also a showcase of the dangers of combining family with career (especially when this is in criminal justice and law enforcement). The film dares us to think about people like this; do they serve us, or do they use their political leverage for the interest of themselves and their friends and families? Continue reading Review: Inheritance