Focus on Alice Brooks: In the heights

Cinematography is defined as the art of photography and visual storytelling in a motion picture or television show. It’s how we as viewers see the film, how the camera moves and tells the story. Jon M. Chu’s “In the Heights” (2021) is a visual spectacle, absolutely deserving of praise for its cinematography. The person we have to thank for this is Alice Brooks, one of the few female cinematographers working in Hollywood today. Cinematography remains one of the most male dominated positions in Hollywood; the number of female cinematographers for major motion pictures is only around four percent. In the history of the Academy Awards only one woman has been nominated in that category- Rachel Morrison for “Mudbound” in 2018. I believe this year, Alice Brooks has a chance at becoming the second female nominee. Continue reading Focus on Alice Brooks: In the heights

Sundance Exclusive Review: Siempre, Luis

When first hearing about this documentary about Luis Miranda, I had to search who he was (I know I know, but I’m honest). Then I found out that he is the father of Lin Manuel Miranda, which piqued my interest. This documentary follows the life of Luis Miranda, a political consultant that would be a significant asset to the Latino community. Continue reading Sundance Exclusive Review: Siempre, Luis

Sundance Exclusive Review: Mucho Mucho Amor

 “Mucho Mucho Amor” is a documentary following the life of the iconic Puerto Rican astrologer, Walter Mercado. When I first heard that this documentary would be screened at Sundance, it immediately became my most anticipated film because I grew up watching him. I can recall seeing him on television Monday through Friday on Primer Impacto at approximately 5:45 pm to give the horoscope of the day.

As this documentary accurately depicts, everybody at the house had to be quiet while he was on. We will all sit quietly and pay close attention to see what our horoscope will say, but then that was it, and we will continue with our day. I never knew anything outside of the celebrity, and this documentary navigates through Walter’s life, all leading to a special 50-year commemoration. Continue reading Sundance Exclusive Review: Mucho Mucho Amor