Rose: A Love Story

Interview with Jennifer Sheridan, director of “Rose: A Love Story”

British horror film “Rose: A Love Story” enjoyed its world premiere at the 2020 London Film Festival. The film’s director and editor, Jennifer Sheridan, spoke to In Their Own League about making her directorial feature debut, and the fun of shooting a horror film in a remote Welsh forest. [This interview has been edited to remove spoilers for the film.] Congratulations on the release of … Continue reading Interview with Jennifer Sheridan, director of “Rose: A Love Story”

Review -Rose: A Love Story #LFF2020

“Rose: A Love Story” is the feature debut for director Jennifer Sheridan, about a married couple living an isolated existence in the woods near a little town in the north of England. Sam (Matt Stokoe) is a man whose life is lived in service to his loving wife Rose (Sophie Rundle) as she struggles with a mysterious illness. Rose’s days are spent indoors, with only a typewriter and a radio handy to keep her occupied in the couple’s dimly lit cabin, while Sam enjoys a separate daily life filled with light, hunting and gardening, and making sure the many locks installed on the outside of their house are secured. Continue reading Review -Rose: A Love Story #LFF2020

Another Round: #LFF20 Review

The last time director Thomas Vinterberg and actor Mads Mikkelsen paired up, we were given the riveting feature “The Hunt” (2012). Now the two have reunited for another round (pun intended) with “Another Round” (2020), an unusual but deftly crafted look into the infallibility of masculinity. It is a film that recognises the vulnerabilities in people and explores the complications that arise from them, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of chosen coping mechanisms. Continue reading Another Round: #LFF20 Review