Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Review: No Man of God

ersonally, I’m getting tapped out on Ted Bundy stories. At this point, there have been so many movies, documentaries, and tv series on the prolific serial killer that there really aren’t many unique angles left to cover. However, Sealy ends up slightly finding one in touching on the last days of Bundy (Luke Kirby) on Death Row as he gets interviewed by FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier (Elijah Wood) in order help build a profile on serial killers. As the two begin to talk more and more Bill finds himself going deeper down the rabbit hole and having philosophical and psychological boundaries be crossed. Continue reading Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Review: No Man of God

Retrospective Review: Take This Waltz

“Take this Waltz” (2011) has the main character’s story undone slowly, with a meditative and varied look on relationships. There is a lot of restraint with the film, and its patience is where it flourishes, because it allows a deeper engagement with the subjects and the questions that it creates.

Margot (Michelle Williams) and Lou Seth Rogan are a married couple, distant at times, but with their own cute comforts and familiarities. There’s a sadness to Margot even though their life seems to be good. They are both writers, him a cook crafting a chicken recipe book, and her a writer of pamphlets for tourist locations. Continue reading Retrospective Review: Take This Waltz