Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Review: 12 Mighty Orphans

There’s no sport movies love to romanticize and showcase as a pivotal component in coming together to overcome seemingly impossible odds more than American Football. Whether its overcoming racial divide, rough upbringings, terrible tragedy, or just wanting to see that obnoxious rich football team lose to the raggedy underdogs, football is mostly the sport of choice it seems. This film definitely falls into that same bucket of films like “Gridiron Gang” (2006), “We Are Marshall”(2006), or whichever one you favor as it tells the story, based around Jim Dent’s novel, of devoted high school coach Rusty Russell (Luke Wilson) leading a ragtag group of orphans to become one of the top football teams in Fort Worth, Texas during the Great Depression. Continue reading Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Review: 12 Mighty Orphans

Review: “Judas And the Black Messiah”

Year: 2021Runtime: 126 minutesDirector: Shaka KingWriters: Will Berson, Shaka King, Kenneth Lucas, Keith LucasStars: LaKeith Stanfield, Daniel Kaluuya, Danielle Fishback, Jesse Plemons By Morgan Roberts There are many important figures who have been lost to history. Slowly, cinema has started to educate audiences about a number of humans purposefully misplaced by time and white supremacy. In “Judas and the Black Messiah” (2021), one such figure’s … Continue reading Review: “Judas And the Black Messiah”