ITOL’S Cinematic Dads: Life With Father

William Powell is a stockbroker who thinks he runs his house like a well-oiled machine. Irene Dunne is his wife who outmaneuvers him on finances, family relations and pretty much everything else. Together they are raising four boys in 19th Century Manhattan. Powell is too much an old pro of comedic timing to let his portrayal stray into an annoying curmudgeon. Continue reading ITOL’S Cinematic Dads: Life With Father

Retrospective Review: White Christmas (1954)

It was 1941 and American soldiers were away from home only weeks after Pearl Harbor. On Christmas Day they heard a song written by a Russian Jewish immigrant that spoke of all their longing for home and the comforts of the holiday sung by Bing Crosby on the radio. Seventy-eight years later, “White Christmas’ by Irving Berlin has lost none of its poignancy and the film that shares its title is just as cherished. “White Christmas” is a remarkable film, especially for the two fantastic leading ladies it is lucky to claim. Continue reading Retrospective Review: White Christmas (1954)