Fantasia Festival Review: Climate of the Hunter

The newest film from veteran indie auteur Mickey Reece, “Climate of the Hunter”, is a vintage vampiric horror story set fittingly in a cabin in the woods and right between a feud between two sisters.

The film takes us into the reunion between three longtime friends at a vacation cabin in the woods. Sisters Alma (Ginger Gilmartin), who is recently divorced, and Elizabeth (Mary Buss), a workaholic living in Washington D.C., are constantly quarrelling about their positions in life and slightly competing for the attention of their longtime friend Wesley (Ben Hall). While Wesley is a prolific and sophisticated writer, he has plenty of family issues of his own as his wife is in a mental clinic and his son Percy (Sheridan McMichael) doesn’t like him. However, as Wesley’s nightly behavior and ritual become noticeably stranger, one question starts to become more prevalent and pertinent – is Wesley a vampire? Continue reading Fantasia Festival Review: Climate of the Hunter