Black Christmas: The constant cycle of Misogyny and Violence toward Women

Christmas time is always one of the most emotional times of the year. It brings joy, happiness, and jolly good cheer. But it can also bring other emotions too: pain, sorrow, fear. In Bob Clark’s 1974 slasher masterpiece "Black Christmas", these emotions are all brought to the forefront in very realistic and sometimes unnerving depictions. At the core of this film is women fighting for acceptance, the right to their bodies and ultimately their lives.

Hitch’s Girl: Investigating Alfred Hitchcock’s Mistreatment of Tippi Hedren

This Halloween will probably see many of us revisiting some classic horror films, and it's more than likely that one of those films will be "The Birds" (1963), a horror film from Hollywood's ultimate master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. And, while "The Birds" is an effective horror (a small coastal town becomes under attack from birds for no apparent reason), what is perhaps more horrific is the story behind the scenes regarding Hitchcock's abusive treatment towards the star of the film, Tippi Hedren.

Run From Your Wife: Exploring The Horror of Marriage In Possession and Antichrist

There are two: Two horror films, two male directors, two couples, two marriages on the rocks, two Deadly Women to be feared, two men at the mercy of these women. Chaos and Order, Man and Woman. The films in question our Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist" (2009) and Andrzej Żuławski (1981), the films may have been made decades apart, but they share such striking similarities that it's hard not to discuss one without referencing the other. Both films depict an underlying fear of women, seen through the fearful gaze of the male directors and the male characters.The women represent Chaos and disorder, their male partners are on a quest to fix these women and restore order.

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