The Menu and the Impact of Criticism

By Joan Amenn Food has always been a crucial centerpiece to my life, almost as much and perhaps more than movies, largely because of my heritage. My father had a deep obsession with eating in restaurants to discover what was new and trendy during the organic food movement of the 1970’s. My mother was and remains an outstanding cook whose dinner parties are literally the … Continue reading The Menu and the Impact of Criticism

Review: True History of the Kelly Gang

“True History of the Kelly Gang” is the latest adaptation of the story of Ned Kelly, an Australian outlaw. Directed by Justin Kurzel, this movie is stacked with talented actors; George MacKay, Russell Crowe, Charlie Hunnam, Thomasin McKenzie, Nicholas Hoult, and Essie Davis. It follows Ned Kelly from a young age and his journey to the man he would become.

I’m in the minority when I admit having no idea who’s Ned Kelly. This film is divided into three parts; Boy, Man, and Monitor. It begins with adult Ned Kelly writing his story (right after a caption stating everything we’re about to witness isn’t true). For someone like myself who isn’t familiar with Kelly, this caption, followed by the scene, left me a bit confused. Continue reading Review: True History of the Kelly Gang