Mental Health Awareness Month Review: “Smashed”

Getting sober is difficult.  Especially when you’re doing it alone.  That is what Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) goes through in 2012’s “Smashed.”  Kate and her husband, Charlie (Aaron Paul) are alcoholics. We learn that very early in the film.

But after Kate, extremely hungover, gets sick in front of her kindergarten students, she starts to rethink her relationship with alcohol.  Her students assume she’s pregnant – one noting their mom got sick when expecting a younger sibling – and she goes with it.  But it is not until a night of drunkenly doing crack, another – of many nights – of urinating in the bed, and in all sorts of intoxication stealing a bottle of booze from a liquor store that she decides it is time to stop. Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month Review: “Smashed”