NIGHTSTREAM Review: The Doorman

Kitamura is the kind of director that’s had his hands in a bunch of different properties and genres. He’s gone into the depths of bloody and brutal horror, been behind a Godzilla movie with “Godzilla: Final Wars”, taken on plenty of action flicks, and even did a live-action adaptation of “Lupin the 3rd”. He’s a director whose mark might be subtle, but it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed and it’s why it’s baffling how “The Doorman” ended up being so bland. The film’s story of a former Marine named Ali (Rose) becoming hotel doorman in New York City after a traumatic combat experience and being forced to protect a family after a group of thieves break into the hotel isn’t all that unfamiliar. Honestly, the whole idea of action stars protecting families has been seen in both adult action flicks like “The Transporter” series and family-friendly films like “The Pacifier”. “The Doorman” is the epidemy of these kind of films as it brings nothing to set itself apart. Continue reading NIGHTSTREAM Review: The Doorman

NIGHTSTREAM Review: Frank & Zed

Year: 2020 Runtime: 97 Minutes Director: Jesse Blanchard Writers: Jesse Blanchard Stars: Frank, Zed, Jerry Bell Jr., Aaron Booth,  Randolph F. Christen By Tom Moore Although horror comes in all different forms, there’re none like writer/director Jesse Blanchard’s sophomore feature “Frank & Zed” – a puppet horror film that’s a labour of love for the genre. The film is a simple gothic tale about a … Continue reading NIGHTSTREAM Review: Frank & Zed

NIGHTSTREAM Review: Mandibles

When the film that puts you on a lot of people’s radar is about a killer tire blowing people up and filled with B-movie dialogue, you make quite a unique first impression. Well, that’s what happened with French writer/director/DJ Quentin Dupieux when his horror? film “Rubber” put him on the map and gain cult following. Now after creating a bunch of genre-bending treks that mix in his unique style of comedy, Dupieux returns in 2020 with “Mandibles” – a comedy about two friends and their giant fly. Continue reading NIGHTSTREAM Review: Mandibles

NiGHTSTREAM Review: Black Bear

One of the strongest and most compelling elements of “Black Bear” is Plaza’s performance as she truly commands the screen with Allison’s controlling personality. She’s clearly comes with a purpose that she’s keeping hidden to herself and although she’s never exactly truthful with what she’s saying, Plaza constantly piques your curiosity just to keep you wondering what’s true and what’s not. Allison is also a huge provocateur, at least in the first half of the film, as she elevates issues between Blair and Gabe by throwing opinions out there and trying to back pedal out of it. Even for her causing a rift between these two likely for the sake of some dramatic inspiration, there’s still a distinct charm that Plaza brings to the character that keeps you invested and intrigued by everything she does. Continue reading NiGHTSTREAM Review: Black Bear

NightStream Film Festival Review: “Run”

Year: 2020 Runtime: 90 minutes Director: Aneesh Chaganty Writers: Aneesh Chaganty, Sev Ohanian Stars: Kiera Allen, Sarah Paulson By Tom Moore After breaking onto the film scene in 2018 with “Searching,” a stylized and intricate webcam thriller filled with unique twists and turns, writer/director Aneesh Chaganty left audiences eager to see what he’d do next. “Run,” which makes its world premiere at NIGHTSTREAM, a virtual … Continue reading NightStream Film Festival Review: “Run”

NightStream Film Festival Review: Darkness

Just within its premise and opening moments, it’s easy to see that “Darkness” touches on some claustrophobic and paranoia filled fears that are mostly perfect for the current pandemic. The plastic all over the house, the daunting fear of what the harmful effects could be of walking into the outside world, and the way that Stella and her sisters are forced to find ways to entertain themselves while stuck inside is incredibly reminiscent to what’s happening now. It’s surely what people imagine as a “worst case scenario” in this time and it makes the dark and drab atmosphere so effective in making viewers uneasy. The only detractor of it is within it’s twist as the idea of the condition that the father describes not being accurate is what keeps me from saying that “Darkness” is the perfect film for the time. With the effects of coronavirus still being felt and thousands still being infected, it’s hard to recommend something like “Darkness” as it doesn’t fully fit the narrative of coronavirus being something that we should take seriously. Continue reading NightStream Film Festival Review: Darkness