Review: “Rebuilding Paradise” #EdFilmFestAtHome

This is an emotionally powerful yet strangely surface-level documentary which celebrates community and human spirit in the face of absolute devastation.

Directed by Ron Howard, the film follows the community of Paradise, California which was destroyed by wildfire in 2018. Thousands of homes were burnt to the ground, along with schools, hospitals and shops. Continue reading Review: “Rebuilding Paradise” #EdFilmFestAtHome

AFI Documentary Film Festival, Review: Dads

“Dads” is a documentary showcasing what everyday dads do and their overall experience with fatherhood. Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, she highlights everyday and celebrity dads around the world, including hers, Ron Howard.

The documentary opens with home video footage of Bryce Dallas Howard’s birth. We see intimate footage of Ron Howard becoming a first-time father, which then transitions into him on set ready to be interviewed by the same person we just viewed being born. Continue reading AFI Documentary Film Festival, Review: Dads

A Beautiful Mind: Hollywood’s Depiction of Love and Mental Illness

Hollywood loves an underdog. The story of the comeback over adversity, even better if that second chance is inspired by love, is known in certain neighborhoods of New York as “schmaltz,”- meaning, sentimentality. Mental illness is commonly reduced to the simplistic terms of sentimentality in the movies, but there are stories which manage to rise above. Extraordinary people can inspire but sometimes their loved ones who do not get the star treatment deserve it as much, if not more.

 John Nash was so visionary in his mathematical ability his doctorate dissertation at Princeton was awarded a Nobel Prize forty-five years later. It took the rest of the world that long to catch up with what Nash was saying about “game theory” and how it could impact economics, among other applications. Continue reading A Beautiful Mind: Hollywood’s Depiction of Love and Mental Illness

Disney+: Making the Most Magical Screens on Earth

Many people around the world are currently staying at home practising social-distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It’s scary and stressful at times and most people have to adjust to working from home and surviving without their favourite extracurricular activities (like going to the movies…) Fortunately, there’s a streaming service whose sole purpose is to make everyone feel better- Disney+! Be it through waves of warm and fuzzy nostalgia or countless hours of family-friendly entertainment to keep the stir-crazy kids occupied, Disney’s vast collection of movies and TV shows could not have come at a better time. Continue reading Disney+: Making the Most Magical Screens on Earth