Exclusive Interview with Eliza Schroeder, Director of Love Sarah

“Love Sarah” is the debut feature film from director Eliza Schroeder. The film is a sweet little comedy/drama about three women who are brought together by the loss of their mother/daughter and best friend, Sarah. Together they decide to open a baery to honour Sarah’s memory. Editor Bianca Garner caught up with Eliza to discuss the film in further detail, how the strong women in Eliza’s own ife inspired the three main characters and which Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet film inspired her the most. Please find the interview below! Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Eliza Schroeder, Director of Love Sarah

Review: Love Sarah

Eliza Schroeder’s “Love Sarah” is not a film I would usually be drawn to. Those who know me, are probably aware that I am not the ‘Light-hearted comedy’ type. However, “Love Sarah” was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise, a step outside my usual comfort zone and a film I didn’t really know how much I needed. In this time of uncertainty, division and separation, it was a real delight to see a community of different people from a range of backgrounds, ages and cultures coming together, united by the power of love, food and friendship. Continue reading Review: Love Sarah

Review: Love is Blind

“I really don’t know what’s real anymore,” Bess says in “Love is Blind” (2019). Much of this film revolves around the audience figuring out what is real rather than in Bess’s head. Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom direct this quirky romantic dramedy about loneliness, grief, and healing. It has a solid cast and is an imaginative film, making it always engaging despite its wacky and sometimes hard-to-follow plot.

“Love is Blind,” written by Jennifer Schuur, is about a girl named Bess (Shannon Tarbet) who cannot see her mother (Chloe Sevigny) and believes that she passed away a decade ago. Through the course of the film, the audience realizes that her mother is very much alive but that her ‘selective blindness’ is Bess’s way of coping with a traumatic event in the past. Continue reading Review: Love is Blind