Greenpoint Film Festival Review: Laundry Night

Just another lonely weeknight doing laundry in the creepy basement of an apartment building-what could possibly go wrong? With a nod to that benchmark of urban horror, “Candyman” (1992), “Laundry Night” has great fun in building up suspense and delivers on some chills in a very short runtime.

The cinematography is perfect in depicting an old, atmospherically dingy and slowly decaying basement laundry room where the lead, Nicole Weiss talks to a friend on her phone while engaging in the title domestic chore. She mentions that she has taken a self-defense class and is carrying a knife which is a nice foreshadowing of the showdown to come. Ancient and unreliable circuit breakers play a key role in the elusiveness of the stalker who lurks in the labyrinthine halls surrounding the laundry room. Continue reading Greenpoint Film Festival Review: Laundry Night