Film Review: Spoonful of Sugar (2023)

Year: 2023 Runtime: 94 minutes Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan Writer: Leah Saint Marie Actors: Morgan Saylor, Myko Olivier, Kat Foster, Danilo Crovetti By Tom Moore Director Mercedes Bryce Morgan’s latest film, “Spoonful of Sugar,” is a wild horror flick full of hallucinatory terror and interesting thematic moments surrounding motherhood, but ultimately is an experience that’s tough to fully connect with. The film follows babysitter Millicent … Continue reading Film Review: Spoonful of Sugar (2023)

Review: SLAXX

The thing about good horror movies that makes them stand out of the proverbial landfill of mediocrity is that the filmmakers know that the stories need more than just gore and jump scares to satiate audiences. Filmmakers know that you need a striking premise and solid ideas behind the tropes of horror in order to make a standout film; ideas that are reflective of factors of life that audiences are either familiar with or have a chance to be illuminated by something they are unfamiliar with. Continue reading Review: SLAXX

Review: Impetigore

Fresh off the giddiness of the superhero film “Gundala” (2019), Indonesian writer/director Joko Anwar strikes again with another genre entry “Impetigore” (2020); where he goes back to his horror roots after “Satan’s Slaves” (2017). When it premiered at Sundance earlier this year, it had received a positive reception and this reviewer hopes it will live up to the stellar standards of his filmography. Continue reading Review: Impetigore

Review: The Pool

When one chooses to make a film and don it with a simple title, the filmmakers have to make sure that they have to make a stellar film in order for the simple title to work. Titles like “The Banker” (2020), “The Accountant” (2016), “Crawl” (2019), “John Carter” (2012) etc. all sound boring on paper and one would hope that the quality of the film does not reflect the blandness of the titles.  Continue reading Review: The Pool

Review: The Beach House

Which comes into the latest film premiere from Shudder, writer/director Jeffrey A. Brown’s “The Beach House”. While the premise of the film is best left unspoiled, it does explore the traits mentioned above as well as feature elements of promise that is usually given in indie horror projects i.e. the environment of budget restrictions that can inspire moments of creativity from the filmmakers. Will the film succeed as a great example of indie horror and being a contained thriller? Continue reading Review: The Beach House