Exclusive Interview with Stacy Martin, Actress from “Archive”

You may recognise the name Stacy Martin, she’s a talented young actress who has starred in films such as “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I” (2013), “High Rise (2015), “All the Money in the World” (2017)and one of my personal favourite films of 2018 “Vox Lux”. Martin’s most recent role is perhaps one of her most challenging yet, playing the character of Jules, a robot called J3 and providing the voice for another A.I. in Gavin’s Rothery’s “Archive”. However, this is a challenge that Martin is more than willing and capable of undertaking. On behalf of ITOL I managed to catch up with her to discuss the challenges of playing a robot, what attracted her to the role and what draws her to play such complex characters. Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Stacy Martin, Actress from “Archive”

Exclusive Interview with Gavin Rothery, Director of “Archive”

“Archive” is the feature debut from writer/director Gavin Rothery. It’s a complex, through-provoking and intelligent sci-fi film which features great performances by Theo James and Stacy Martin. Set in 2038, “Archive” tells the story of George Almore (James) who is working on a true human-equivalent AI. His latest prototype is almost ready, and his end goal is to be reunited with his dead wife (Martin).

What’s unique about the film is how it focuses on the themes of replacement and jealousy as well as proposing the question, “how would an A.I. react if it became sentient?”. ITOL editor Bianca Garner caught up with Gavin to speak about “Archive” and the role of a problematic computer played in the inception of the story. Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Gavin Rothery, Director of “Archive”

Review: Archive

“Archive” is the feature debut film from writer/director Gavin Rothery, a name you may recognise from his work on the Duncan Jones sci-fi film “Moon” as well as his concept art for several big named video games. Rothery has an eye for detail and a passion for world building, and we certainly see this on full display in “Archive”, a film so immersive and dense in detail that you can’t help but allow yourself to become pulled into this world. Continue reading Review: Archive