Witchcraft Month: “Suspiria” (1977)

Witches are among the first villainous archetypes many of us come across in our stories. Although I was personally introduced to these magical women via much friendlier interpretations, such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1988), “Harry Potter”, or even Julia Donaldson’s “Room on the Broom”, others would look to “Snow White” (1937), “The Witches” (1990) or any number of others for more maniacal examples. However, few stories take the concept of witchcraft to its extreme, revelling in the sheer dread such a common villainous template can exude.

Enter Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” (1977), a techni-coloured gore-fest that not only revels in the eerie aspects of witchcraft, but also happens to be a staple in Italian cinema. Continue reading Witchcraft Month: “Suspiria” (1977)

Best Actress of the Decade, Entry No. 13: Tilda Swinton

To celebrate the last decade 2010-2019 we are counting down the best actresses and discussing some of their most notable and memorable performances of the last decade. With the help of Film Twitter, the ITOL team have selected 30 actresses. Entry No. 13 is Tilda Swinton, and writer Jossalyn Holbert looks at her roles in “We Need to Talk about Kevin” and “Suspiria,” with “The Dead Don’t Die” as an honorable mention. Continue reading Best Actress of the Decade, Entry No. 13: Tilda Swinton

ITOL’s Top 10 Female Focused Horror Films

What does “Suspiria”, “Carrie”, “The Witch” and “The Hunger” have in common? Well, these horror films are not only directed by a male director and are terrifying to watch, but they also pass the Bechdel Test. If you have managed to make it through our 31 Days of Horror countdown and you’re still looking to be well and truly creeped out, then ITOL recommends these horror films which see women at the centre of their plot. The films included on this list aren’t necessarily directed by a female filmmaker, but they are unique because they all pass the Bechdel Test.

The films below all meet the criteria set out by the test: (1) it [the film] has to have at least two women in it, who (2) who talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man. So, without any further ado, here are some must-see horror films this Halloween. Enjoy! Continue reading ITOL’s Top 10 Female Focused Horror Films

Season Of The Witch: Evolving Feminist Symbolism In Horror

By Michaela Barton Throughout history, the symbolic nature of witches in art has transfigured. Originally, witches represented old, ugly, cruel women who lived outside of normal social parameters. The real-life witch trials of the past were often used as opportunities to purge villages of women that threatened female ideals defined by men. These “witches” were perceived to possess great power and were therefore dangerous; often … Continue reading Season Of The Witch: Evolving Feminist Symbolism In Horror