The Horror of Hormones

The trope of the ‘Final Girl’ is a hallmark for slasher films. But what hallmark for women is seen in supernatural and possession movies? Oh, haven’t heard of it? There definitely is one, and it is not always the most flattering.

When it comes to demon possession or ghost hauntings, the fear of losing control comes to mind. A sinister presence creeping in. The women of those films tend to have one thing in common: hormones. From “The Conjuring” to “The Exorcist”, women in possession films are at a flux in their own lives, but that vulnerability is weaponized against them. Continue reading The Horror of Hormones

Season Of The Witch: Evolving Feminist Symbolism In Horror

By Michaela Barton Throughout history, the symbolic nature of witches in art has transfigured. Originally, witches represented old, ugly, cruel women who lived outside of normal social parameters. The real-life witch trials of the past were often used as opportunities to purge villages of women that threatened female ideals defined by men. These “witches” were perceived to possess great power and were therefore dangerous; often … Continue reading Season Of The Witch: Evolving Feminist Symbolism In Horror