Portland Horror Film Festival: Zombie Infection-Belaban Hidup

Year: 2020 Runtime: 91 minutes Director: Ray Lee Writer: Misha Minut Panggau Actors: Pablo Amirul, Anna Melissa, Nelissa Nizam, Cassidy Panggau, Anwar Jebat, Zeina Debo By Joan Amenn At the Portland Horror Film Festival, director Ray Lee has a brief introduction to “Zombie Infection-Belaban Hidup” (2020) where he explains how difficult production conditions were for the cast and crew. He cites the various issues such … Continue reading Portland Horror Film Festival: Zombie Infection-Belaban Hidup

Spotlight: Zoey Deutch

Every year, we are introduced to a handful of young actresses between the ages of about twenty and twenty-five. Brie Larson. Jennifer Lawrence. Emma Stone. Kristen Stewart. The list goes on and on. Each of the women mentioned above have impressive resumes. Their work rightfully has solidified them for further career success. Continue reading Spotlight: Zoey Deutch

31 Days Horror, Day 7: Cargo

“Cargo” is a 2018 Australian post-apocalyptic horror film written by Yolanda Ramke who also co-directs the film with Ben Howling. The film follows an infected father who has just hours left before he becomes undead, and his desperate attempt to find for a new home for his infant child. The plot of “Cargo” may seem familiar to you as the film is based on Ramke and Howling’s short film also entitled “Cargo”. Continue reading 31 Days Horror, Day 7: Cargo