First Look: Song Without A Name

By Bianca Garner

The 30th October will see the release of Melina León’s unique, stunning and truly moving debut feature film, “Song Without a Name”. Based on a true story, “Song Without a Name”was nominated for the prestigious Golden Camera at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Hauntingly beautiful, the film has been shot in stark black and white, and features a powerful performance from newcomer Pamela Mendoza, who is a young mother whose baby is stolen. The film also features a stellar performance by Tommy Párraga, who plays a journalist hitting endless Kafkaesque dead ends, as he burrows into the corruption and strife of a country in turmoil.

“Song Without a Name” (Canción Sin Nombre) is set in Peru in 1988. The country is in the grip of a devastating political crisis. Georgina (Mendoza), is a young woman from the Andes, who has her newborn daughter stolen, after giving birth at a fake health clinic. The desperate search for her baby leads her to Pedro, a young and tenacious investigative journalist (Párraga) who will stop at nothing in order to find out the truth of this corruption.

As well as being a in-depth examination into the inequities of the class, system and the dehumanizing effects of politics, “Song Without a Name” becomes a tense race against time, with Georgina and Pedro on a seemingly futile search for the stolen child. If you’re a fan of the Oscar-winning “Spotlight”, about the power of journalism uncovering corruption and deceitor appreciate the beauty of Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma”then you will need to seek out “Song Without a Name” for sure.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. We are looking forward to catching this important and paramount film released by Sovereign Film Distribution.


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