Film Review: The Magician’s Elephant

Year: 2023 Runtime: 99 minutes Director: Wendy Rogers Writers: Martin Hynes (Screenplay by), Kate DiCamillo (based on the book by) Actors: Noah Jupe, Brian Tyree Henry, Mandy Patinkin, Natasia Demetriou, Benedict Wong By Tom Moore The directorial debut of Wendy Rogers, “The Magician’s Elephant,” is a quaint, animated tale about the seemingly impossible being possible that’s easy to like even if it suffers from some … Continue reading Film Review: The Magician’s Elephant

Film Review: Unseen (2023)

Year: 2023 Runtime: 76 minutes Director: Yoko Okumura Writers: Salvatore Cardoni, Brian Rawlins Actors: Jolene Purdy, Midori Francis, Michael Patrick Lane, Missi Pyle, Ren Hanami By Tom Moore Director Yoko Okumura’s feature debut, “Unseen,” defines “doing a lot with a little” as her strong direction, two incredible central performances, and one killer premise all come together for a highly engaging and entertaining thrill ride. “Unseen” … Continue reading Film Review: Unseen (2023)

Under the Sky of Damascus: Berlinale 2023 Review

Year: 2023 Runtime: 88 Minutes Directed by Heba Khaled, Talal Derki, Ali Wajeeh By Sarah Manvel Sometimes the purpose of a documentary is to shine a light on a part of the world most people will never see. Sometimes the purpose is to provide a voice to people who feel they have no voice of their own (which is nonsense of course, we all have … Continue reading Under the Sky of Damascus: Berlinale 2023 Review

Sweet As: Berlinale 2023 Review

Year: 2022 Runtime: 87 minutes Directed by Jub Clerc Written by Jub Clerc and Steve Rodgers Actors: Shantae Barnes-Cowan, Ngaire Pigram, Mark Coles Smith, Tasma Walton, Carlos Sanson Jr., Andrew Wallace, Pedrea Jackson, Mikayla Levy By Sarah Manvel Most movies about teenagers get it wrong. Either the teens are treated like little kids, behaving perfectly and being perfectly cared for, or they are treated like … Continue reading Sweet As: Berlinale 2023 Review