Review: “Our American Family”

Year: 2021Runtime: 87 minutesDirectors: Hallee Adelman, Sean King O’Grady By Morgan Roberts Substance abuse is not uncommon. I guarantee you know someone who has some form of a substance abuse disorder, especially considering the opioid crisis. The documentary film, “Our American Family,” is a harrowing and honest look at one family fighting for sobriety and healing. The film follows a close-knit Philadelphia area family who … Continue reading Review: “Our American Family”

GFF2022 Review: The Worst Person in the World

Year: 2021 Runtime: 128 minutes Director: Joachim Trier Writer: Joachim Trier Starring: Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum By Calum Cooper Existential crises were an oddly recurring theme in 2021’s filmography. That might not be surprising, given the current state of the world, but there were many thoughtful, gripping films (or comedy specials in Bo Burnham’s case) that explored the simultaneous beauty and anxiety … Continue reading GFF2022 Review: The Worst Person in the World

GFF2022 Review: Nitram

Year: 2021 Runtime: 112 minutes Director: Justin Kurzel Writer: Shaun Grant Starring: Caleb Landry Jones, Judy Davis, Essie Davis, Anthony LaPaglia By Calum Cooper “Nitram” (2021) is a disturbing film by design, yet even as I write this I’m unsure if this is to the film’s benefit or detriment. It is somewhat reminiscent of Todd Phillips‘ “Joker” (2019), a film that, while technically well crafted, … Continue reading GFF2022 Review: Nitram

GFF2022 Review: Bergman Island

Year: 2021 Runtime: 105 minutes Director: Mia Hansen-Love Writer: Mia Hansen-Love Starring: Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth, Mia Wasikowska, Anders Danielsen Lie By Calum Cooper Mia Hansen-Love’s “Bergman Island” (2021) is a soulful ode to the balance and conflicts between art and life. The creative process is one full of struggle and elation, two juxtaposing things that can often occur simultaneously. Whether writing a story or … Continue reading GFF2022 Review: Bergman Island

Encounter: TIFF 2021 Review

Year: 2021 Runtime: 108 Minutes Director: Michael Pearce Writer(s): Michael Pearce, Joe Barton Stars: Riz Ahmed, Octavia Spencer, Lucian-River Chauhan, Janina Gavankar Director Michael Pearce’s sophomore effort, “Encounter” (2021), creates an initially engaging sci-fi story that eventually takes a more personal turn that showcases lasting scars of trauma. The film follows a pair of young brothers who end up going on a journey with their … Continue reading Encounter: TIFF 2021 Review

“The Bright Side” #EIFF21 Review

The Bright Side treads a line between poignant and dramatic, never tipping too far into either side. The result is moving and emotional but laced with hope that no matter your coping tactics, deep human connection will get you through. Continue reading “The Bright Side” #EIFF21 Review

Time to Be Honest: Depression, Film And Me

“So, for how long have you been depressed for?” This was the question once posed to me by a counsellor during our first counselling session. “I dunno.” I shrugged in response. “Ever since I was a kid, I think.” It sounds like an exaggeration but to some extent, it’s true. In my life there have been two consistencies: depression and film. Both elements are so entwined in my life that it’s easier for me to recall the events of a film rather than the events of my life. Continue reading Time to Be Honest: Depression, Film And Me